Whereas Dr. Aina Galējs, a victim of the Soviet Russian invasion and despotism, was distressed by the 50-year existence of her nation under the brutal Soviet Russian occupation,

And whereas educational opportunities to study abroad were denied to thousands of young Latvians by the ruling Soviet Russian power,

After Latvia regained its independence in 1991, Dr. Aina Galējs dedicated her savings to provide an opportunity to young Latvians to catch up and to raise the economic and social development stunted by the chauvinistic policies pursued under foreign occupation.

And whereas Dr. Galējs valued the educational opportunities offered by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, she entrusted Professor Paulis Lazda and Professor Irene Lazda with the assistance of past scholarship recipients familiar with the social, economic and political circumstances in Latvia to select exceptional, qualified applicants in Latvia for the scholarship award.

The scholarship covers all expenses for study at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire: room, board, books, insurance and other related expenses.

The selecting committee's expenses (travel, lodging and meals) are NOT reimbursed from the Dr. Galējs Scholarship Fund.

The Dr. Galējs Scholarship Fund monies are held as a separate account by the University of Wisconsin Foundation, which is responsible for their administration as advised by the selection committee described above.

The recipients of the scholarship are expected to return to Latvia and to apply, share and contribute their educational experience to further Latvia's development.

Submitted by

Paulis Lazda, Fund Administrator, Professor, University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire 

Irene Lazda, Fund Administrator, Professor, University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire 

Uldis Krēsliņš, co-executor of Dr. Aina Galejs estate

Anita Batarags, President, The American Latvian Association, Rockville, MD